Track employee's Right to work

Use Sage HR to track the employee right to work status, receive notifications before the expiration date and perform reports.

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Most countries or jurisdictions have rules and laws that establish the conditions that allow a job applicant to work in a certain territory. This is usually called the 'Right to work'.

You can use Sage HR to:

  • Track the documents you have gathered as evidence of the right to work

  • Display and automate reminders for Managers when the right to work documentation is due to expire

  • Create reports to see which employee have the right to work status, expiry dates and missing information, based on the information provided.

What do I need to configure this?

  • Admin-level access in Sage HR

  • The CoreHR module

⚠️CAUTION: Sage HR does not replace the right to work checks required by the local government and is designed to support you with the storage and maintenance process. Please ensure you follow all steps to comply with local legislation.

Activate right to work tracking

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Employee data.

  3. Click Documents.

  4. Scroll down to Right to work status, then select Track employee's right to work status.

  5. Click Save.

This setting is now enabled.

Upload documents

📌TIP: Want to know how managing documents works? - Read more >

After the right to work is enabled, the HR Admin may upload a document proving their right to work for one employee.

  1. Click Documents.

  2. Click Add new.

  3. Select the category Right to work from the drop down menu.

  4. Add the Type of document , the Document number and expiration date if applicable.

  5. If required you can select to Ask to accept the document - This sends a task asking to review and accept this document. If set, the deadline date is displayed in the task message.

  6. If required you can select to notify the employee by email.

  7. Click Upload.


After activating the right to work, there will be new reminders added as recipes that send out an email to the employee's direct manager 90 days before the right to work expires, and after it has expired.

You can edit these recipes (who receives the reminder, when, the email body, etc):

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Recipes.

To learn more about recipes - Read more >


Likewise to recipes, custom reports are generated after activating right to work:

  1. On main menu click Reports.

  2. On the settings menu click Employee data, then click Custom reports.

The report can be executed when you click on the play button.

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