When it comes to supporting you and your Sage HR, Sage offers a variety of options to suit different situations. Here we explain a little more about how to access the different support options, how they work, and what we suggest to use depending upon the nature of your query with Sage HR.

📎NOTE: If you are looking for support for the desktop based HR software Sage 50 HR, this a different product to Sage HR. Please visit the Sage 50 HR Help Centre.

Available support

Sage HR knowledgebase

How do I get there?

On the top right in your Sage HR click Help or visit https://support.sage.hr/en/

How does it work?

This is your online, searchable Sage HR knowledgebase covering regular processes, hints, tips and troubleshooting. Open to all, this accessible database offers a wealth of support information.

What type of queries work best here?

Often the best place to start, type in some search words and look for the article to solve your problem or guide you through a process. Available online 24/7 and expanding every day. If the article solves your problem, please click 😃 at the bottom of the article to let us know it was helpful.

Who can use this?

This service is free for anyone to use.

Sage HR technical support

How do I get there?

On the bottom right of your Sage HR, click on the speech bubble.

The speech bubble then expands. To start a conversation click Send us a message.

Here you can also search for an article.

How does it work?

Simply submit your question through the chat option in the bottom right when in Sage HR or the Sage HR knowledgebase. Our experts will answer the questions live between 9am-6pm, Monday - Friday (UK).

What type of queries work best here?

If you can't find the answer you need in our knowledgebase. For quick one to one questions, this is ideal for checking a process, asking a quick question or just confirming that you're doing it right! Speedy answers at your fingertips.

📎NOTE: If your support query relates to Sage HR Online Services, which integrates with Sage 50cloud Payroll (UK only) to upload and view online payslips, you must speak to our Sage 50cloud Payroll support team - Get in touch >

Who can use this?

This Sage HR online chat is free for anyone to use.

Sage University

What is Sage University?

Sage University is the ultimate resource for all your Sage HR training needs. It gives you the freedom to choose the courses and learning methods that best suit your business and learning style.

How does it work?

  1. Visit Sage University

  2. Select your country

  3. Log in / Or create a Sage University profile

  4. Select your topic of interest

  5. Start learning

How much does training cost?

All e-learning/anytime learning Sage HR training on Sage University is free.

Who can sign up for training?

Anyone can take Sage HR training

Need help with Sage University?

For help navigating Sage University, email [email protected].

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