General settings in recruitment

Create recruitment administrators, disqualification reasons, and custom sources.

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The recruitment general settings is where you can allow specific employees access to recruitment settings, create disqualification reasons and create custom sources.

Only employees with administrator or recruitment administrator access can follow these steps. To get to your Recruitment general settings:

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Recruitment, then click General.

Recruitment administrators

If you make a specific employee a recruitment administrator they then have access to recruitment settings and reports.

Prevent applicants skipping pipeline steps

If you select Force applicants to be moved through every stage in pipeline this makes it not possible for applicants to skip pipeline steps, and they must go through each pipeline step. This is useful if you want to make sure certain stage actions are triggered every time.

Allow to re-open completed position

This setting is useful for if an applicant drops out last minute.

Show 'Open positions' widget in dashboard for all employees

If selected a widget with a list of all open positions is shown for all employees in their dashboard.

You can then select to send a weekly update email with all open positions to all employees

Whatever you type into text box under Recruitment policy will show in Recruitment policy on on the Open position widget.

Disqualification reasons

Disqualification reasons are used to explain why an applicant was not successful. You can edit what these are or create new reasons.

You can add new reasons or edit exiting ones.

Custom sources

This is a list of origins of your applications. The source is shown in every applicant's profile and an option to choose when you add a new applicant manually.

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