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Want to see Sage HR in action?

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Find out how Sage HR can help you remotely track, manage and engage your employees as easily as you do in the office.

Introducing Sage HR

Watch a recording below where we run through Sage HR's Core HR and Leave Management modules where we show you key features in Sage HR that can help you manage your people, data and processes more easily, so that you can focus on your business.

Fast-start set up webinar - UK only

Join us for a live webinar, where we focus on how you set up Sage HR with your employee and company data.

We also cover some of the key features, such as how to use recipes to automate key tasks and an overview of Leave Management, Shift Scheduling and Timesheets.

There's also the chance to ask our experts a question, with a live Q&A.

Sage HR at a glance

Take a quick look at how you can manage your workforce with Sage HR.

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