📎NOTE: If your Sage 50cloud Payroll subscription includes Online Services, you must register and complete the sign up process in Sage 50cloud Payroll, and upload payslips before you can use Sage HR.

If you have already set up Sage HR Online Services, and want to set up the Sage HR modules, skip to Redeem your free trial >

Online Services settings

Complete the following steps to set up Sage HR integrated Online Services.

We recommend these steps are completed by the person who will set up and manage Sage HR Online Services. The Sage ID you use in section 1 to register your company for Online Services, is automatically set up as the administrator in Sage HR Online Services.

1. Sign into your Online Services using Sage ID

If you've logged into the My Sage website before, use these details:

  1. Log in to Sage 50cloud Payroll, click Company.

  2. In the Task menu, click Online Services Settings.

  3. Next to step 1, click Do it now.

  4. Enter your Sage ID email address and password.

    📎NOTE: We recommend using a generic email address rather than a specific person's email address. This is to avoid a scenario where someone leaves the business and no-one can access their email account that it was set up under. You must also make sure that this email address is not the same as one for an employee who will be listed in Payroll.

  5. Click Log In.

Your Sage ID is activated and currently logged in and step 1 is complete.

If you haven't logged into My Sage before and don't already have a Sage ID, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Sage 50cloud Payroll, click Company.

  2. In the Task menu, click Online Services Settings.

  3. Next to step 1, click Do it now.

  4. Enter your email address and click Continue.

  5. Enter your name and a password, then click Register. An email is sent to verify your email address and includes a six number verification code.

  6. From the email, copy and paste in the Code, then click Continue.

Your Sage ID is activated, you're currently logged in and step 1 is complete.

2. Register your company for Online Services

  1. Next to step 2, click Do it now.

  2. Enter your Sage ID email address, then click Continue.

  3. Enter your password and click Log In. A message appears to confirm successfully registered, close this window to continue.

  4. Click Check Status. If there's any delay at this stage, you may receive a message to check back later.

Once successful, your company is registered and step 2 is complete.

3. Manage access to your Online Services

If you have additional users who process payroll, you can control whether or not they have access to the Online Services options in Sage 50cloud Payroll. To give them access, you must also enter their Sage ID email address.

  1. Next to step 3, click Do it now.

  2. From the list of users, select or clear the check box:

  • Online Payslips - allows the user to view and access the Online Payslips options.

  • Global Changes Online Payslips - allows the user to set up Online Payslips.

3. Click Add User and enter the payroll user's Sage ID email address.

4. Click Save.

4. Manage your employees

⚠️CAUTION: Before you complete this section, we recommend you check you have entered the correct work email addresses on your employee records, then complete the following steps:

  1. Next to step 4, click Do it now.

  2. Select the check box for each employee you want to receive online payslips. If you haven't entered an email address in an employee's record, you can enter it now.

    ⚠️CAUTION: Don't give an employee the email used to setup Sage HR Online Services (i.e. the email used in Step 1 of Online Services Settings in Payroll) - all employees must have their own unique email. This email is also visible in the portal so it must be suitable for a work environment.

  3. Click Save.

Employees only receive a welcome email, once you upload payslips or historical payslips.

To activate their online account they must create a Sage ID, then use the link in their welcome email to access their details and payslips in Sage HR.

📎NOTE: The welcome email expires after 24 hours and so it may be necessary to resend a welcome email to an employee, if they don't set up access to Online Services within that time.

📎NOTE: If you do not see emails in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder and also ensure your email security does not block the email address: [email protected]

5. Upload historical payslips

⚠️CAUTION: We strongly recommend that if you are setting up Online Services for the first time, that you customise your Sage HR employee permissions before uploading historical payslips.

This is an optional step. You can upload historical payslips dating back to November 2014.

This step also imports your employees details in to your Online Services, this includes - first name, last name, work email and start date.

📎NOTE: To ensure the details match with Sage 50cloud Payroll, these details are locked once imported and can't be changed.

You can upload historical payslips at any time, for example, if an employee requests a copy of their payslip from an earlier processing period. Or, you may have forgotten to upload payslips for your current period.

The first time you publish employee payslips, they receive a welcome email inviting them to start using online payslips.

📎NOTE: Payslips publish immediately, there's no option to schedule them at a later date.

  1. Next to step 5, click Do it now.

  2. Select the date range you want to upload payslips from.

  3. Click Next and select the relevant employees.

  4. Click Next and confirm the number of payslips for each employee.

  5. Click Publish Payslips.

  6. Once the payslips are published successfully, you can click Access Online Services.

  7. Enter you email address and click CONTINUE TO SIGN IN.

6. Visit your Online Services

Once you're at this step you're ready to set up your online services with your company contact details and logo.

  • To open and log in, click Go to portal, next to step 6.

📌TIP: You don't have to log in to Sage 50cloud Payroll to access Online Services, you can go directly to it using the link in the your welcome email. We recommend you bookmark this so you can easily access it.

Redeem your free trial for the Sage HR modules

Once you have set up Sage HR Online Services, if you want to have and set up the Sage HR modules you need to redeem your free trial first.

📎NOTE: If you are a Sage 50 People Package customer, you already have the Core HR module for free which you can set up now. If you want to trial the additional Sage HR Modules you can do so.

To redeem the offer to trial the Sage HR modules available, complete the Billing details in Sage HR Online Services:

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