Disqualification emails

How to set up and use rejection emails in Sage HR. In addition, an explanation to what happens if an applicant replies to it.

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You can use the Recruitment module to easily create, store and send out emails to applicants who were not shortlisted for the next recruitment stage. This is a great tool to escape repeated manual work and individual communication.

📎NOTE: You will require a user with Administrator permissions to set this up.

How to create a disqualification email template

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. Click Recruitment, then click Email templates.

    Here you can find tools to create multiple email templates for various occasions.

  3. Click Add new under Templates for email communication with applicants.

  4. A modal opens, where you can select a Title, Subject and fill in the Description using various in-text placeholders.

    📎NOTE: Title is the title of template and will be used only within Sage HR.

    📌TIP: Placeholder variables are there for your Subject line or body of the email so you can have the email template automatically enter a specific name or term when the email is sent.

    This saves you time when trying to personalise each email. For example, where usually you type an applicant's name, if you click on [applicant_first_name], if the applicant's name is e.g Adam, in the email it will show as Adam instead of [applicant_first_name].

  5. Once done, click Save.

Using disqualification emails

When choosing to disqualify an applicant, your Hiring team member will see a Disqualify modal window. They may choose to send an email to the applicant by selecting the Send email to applicant checkbox at the bottom of the modal window.

Additional fields then appear allowing to select a template you have just created.

When you select an email template from the list it automatically fills in the email contents - and the email is ready to go.

Can the applicant reply to the disqualification email?

Yes, a disqualification email can be replied to. In such case the reply will be forwarded to the person who has sent the rejection email. Also, the reply will appear in the applicant's profile, in the Email tab:

If the employee who is the sender of the disqualification email has stopped participating in the hiring process after sending out the email, the reply email will forwarded by Sage HR according to the following flow:

  1. Initial sender; if not present:

  2. Hiring manager, if not present:

  3. Hiring group administrator, if not present:

  4. Sage HR administrator

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