In Sage HR you can automatically allocate an Employee # field value to your employees upon creation, incrementing numbers with every new employee. This is a simple feature that saves time and manual effort when creating an employee or importing multiple employees into Sage HR.

📎NOTE: To set this up you will require a user with Administrator level of access

To enable this feature:

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Employee data, then Employment statuses & Working patterns.

  3. Under Employee # allocation, select Allocate Employee #. Begin numbering from __ then enter what number you want it to start from.

    📎NOTE: If "Begin numbering from ..." is set to 1, then the next added employee will receive the Employee # value of 1.

  4. Click Save.

The Sage HR system will now automatically allocate the Employee # to the next added employee.

If you're using Sage HR and already have some Employees in place with numbers allocated, then a good idea would be to start numbering with the latest Employee number.

📌TIP: If you're feeling that you could do with a clean up in your Employee our Mass editing feature could come very useful.

What happens with terminated employees?
The number of a terminated emplyee will not be automatically re-used in Sage HR. This ensures consistency since such employee can be re-hired.

What if I begin numbering with a value which is behind my existing Employee #?
It is possible to overlap existing Employee # with automatically generated ones. For example, you can have Employee # 20 while your "Begin numbering from..." is configured to start with 20 as well.

Can I still adjust Employee # after it gets allocated?
Yes. If an employee # has been allocated automatically, a user with administrator access will still be able to adjust it manually in the employee's profile. However, the next allocated Employee # will still follow the incremental pattern.

For example:

  • The system has allocated Employee # 10

  • Administrator user adjusts it to 9

  • When next employee will be added, their Employee # will be 11.

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