Copy an applicant

How to copy an applicant to another position in Recruitment.

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Sometimes you may have an applicant that has either applied, or you would like to consider for another open position in your company. Rather than manually enter the applicants details again for the other position, you can just copy them.

  1. On the main menu, click Recruitment, then click on Applicants.

  2. Click on an applicant to open their profile.

  3. Click Actions, then click Copy.

  4. Under Copy to Select the position you want to copy them to.


  1. All private information about this applicant will not be copied across, such as score cards, comments & change log entries;

  2. If applicant was originally added by external recruiter, then this external recruiter will be able to access this applicant in the new position (external recruiter needs to be added to hiring team in both positions);

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